Text Message Alerts For Knee Surgeons?

October 22, 2021 0 Comments

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As per the Australian Medical Association (AMA) report, Mon Jol brought up a motion to “consider using text message to educate doctors about any condition that may have an impact on your knee”. The AMAA report went on to state that it was hoped that the new system would reduce the instances of misdiagnosis and subsequent surgery. At that time, there were about 40 conditions for which text message reminders could be sent out, many of which were serious. Since then, there have been additional text message reminders added to the system.

As per a recent AMAA report, the numbers have since gone up. This was despite the fact that a separate department has been set up just to deal with text message alerts and the like. So how did this affect Mon Jol’s original plan to make amlocation more available to patients?

Well, the answer is simple. Because of the high rise in the number of patients requiring knee surgeries and other forms of medial care, the number of doctors also increased. The result was that not all doctors were up to date with the newest technology and procedures. This is why there was an increase in both diagnostic tests and more complex surgical procedures. To combat this, text message alerts were added. In short, doctors were using newer technology to try and make their work easier.

So, while it may have seemed that doctors were getting ready for a ground beefed up AMAA for text message alerts, now they are also getting ready for a beefed up AMAA for monjuls. In short, Mon Jol’s original vision for the text message alerts may just be a tad too advanced for the current demands. Although, that doesn’t mean that the company has gone into retirement. They are still around, just slightly beefed up, and ready to help when and if that changes.

So, back to the original question of whether or not you should get a text message reminder for your knee braces. Well, the short answer is – it depends. It depends because each case is different. If your doctor wants you to wear a knee brace, then it’s probably a good idea. However, if your doctor just wants you to take a pill every day, then a text message is probably not needed. It depends on you.

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